Developing upscale projects in Qatar’s real estate sector

by  — 9 January 2013

Muhibullah Mani, chief operating officer of Alfardan Properties discusses with Erika Widén how Alfardan Properties develops innovative projects.

What current or future towers and developments does Alfardan Properties currently have? 

Alfardan Properties constantly strives to introduce new and innovative projects that can set new benchmarks in the market. We do not aim to generate interest just out of sheer project size, we also want to emphasise the strategic importance and value of our offerings.  All of our projects take into consideration the benefits of location, state-of-the-art facilities, top-quality finishing and eye-catching design.

Through this approach, our high-profile projects such as One Porto Arabia, the first luxurious building on the man-made island in The Pearl-Qatar, the Kempinski Residences and Suites, and Alfardan Towers, to name a few, have quickly emerged to become the most iconic property developments in Qatar. The quality and stature of these properties strongly reaffirms Alfardan Properties’ uncompromising commitment to excellence in developing commercial and residential properties that exceed expectations in terms of quality, luxury and location. 

What other projects or develpments do Alfardan Properties have?

Other notable projects that have achieved considerable success in the market include Laguna Beach, Alfardan Centre, Al Jazeera Residences, Alfardan Gardens, Al Sadd Residences, Alfardan Plaza, Bin Mahmoud Building, and Meydan Al Azaibah in Oman. Among our new projects includes are a residential development at Doha’s Bin Mahmoud area that will deliver two-to-three bedroom apartments. The Kempinski Hotel Marsa Malaz on The Pearl- Qatar, which will include 250 rooms and suites and will feature a design inspired by traditional Arabic themes, and another luxury residential project at Al Sadd in the heart of Doha. 

How specifically does Alfardan Properties  differ from other upscale real estate developers?

Through the years we have nurtured a name associated with aesthetics, high luxury, and service excellence. We have been able to maintain our leading industry stature through various differentiating elements, including our strategic locations, uncompromising design elements, unique luxury themes, focus on lifetime experiences through our services and facilities, and our trained personnel who  provide world-class service around the clock. However, the main difference of Alfardan Properties in comparison to other real estate developments is our concern for our customers regardless of their age by creating customer-oriented services, social events and activities. The set-up of Alfardan Properties earned the ISO 90001; 2008 certification for its standards in facilities management and Customer Service.

Is there a high demand for upscale residential and commercial properties?  

Definitely, and the demand is steadily rising. Qatar is pursuing a long-term development strategy that aims to address the future real estate demand of the country. The projects we are undertaking and planning at the moment are thus aimed at complementing future requirements, particularly for the upcoming 2022 World Cup and then beyond. The government of Qatar has been positioning the country as a leading destination for business, leisure and lifestyle, an initiative that will naturally result in a tremendous population growth and a corresponding surge in demand for commercial and residential properties.

Qatar is currently one of the best investment destinations in the region given its excellent infrastructure, political stability, strong government support and investment-friendly policies. The many individuals and groups who want to take advantage of this favourable environment will of course need residential and commercial spaces, and Alfardan intends to help support this demand.

Since Qatar is developing at a fast pace, what are the challenges Alfardan Properties faces to keep up with growth?

In our work we faithfully follow the vision, mission and strategy of the company. We constantly strive to provide high-end projects that are top-of-the-line and that sustain Alfardan Properties’ image as a market leader. Moreover, all our projects are carefully developed with a keen eye on location, state-of-the-art facilities, quality finishing and visually appealing design, and all are focused on quality management. We intend to follow the same path in all our upcoming projects to maintain our market reputation and keep up with the fast pace of Qatar’s development.

Do expatriates prefer to live at The Pearl-Qatar rather than Dafna? Which areas are there currently a demand for and why? 

Expatriates who are looking for a calm, beautiful, relaxing place are drawn to The Pearl-Qatar, where they can avail of several high-end services and facilities located directly on the waterfront. The development is an island experience, purely residential with many high-level retail outlets all located on the waterfront. Al Dafna, which is adjacent to the West Bay area, has a mix of commercial and residential components and is close to many commercial landmarks and the popular Doha Corniche. These two areas both offer vibrant areas and warm communities.

Do clients prefer to live in residential villa compounds or residential towers? And why?

There will always be some who prefer villa compounds and some who prefer residential towers. Each has its own unique characteristics and differentiating services and facilities. Towers provide unique facilities, offer beautiful, scenic views, and  are suitable for small families, where villas are for larger families who are looking for more space and garden facilities.  It all comes down to personal taste.

Why are luxurious amenities important in Qatar and seem to be in high demand?

There is an on-going trend towards luxury properties supported by modern facilities and services that is really tempting to a lot of tenants seeking a unique living experience. The tremendous demand for luxury-themed space is important as it can differentiate a firm such as ours from the competition.

It is significant to Qatar, which is pursuing a long-term development strategy that aims to address the future real estate demand of the country. The projects we are undertaking and planning at the moment are geared towards future requirements, particularly those for the upcoming 2022 World Cup, and then beyond. The Government of Qatar is positioning the country as a leading business, leisure and lifestyle destination, an initiative that will naturally result in tremendous population growth.

What is Alfardan Properties vision for the next five years?

For the next five years, Alfardan Properties will continue to lead the way as one of the most dynamic and successful companies in Qatar. We will remain fully committed to delivering high-quality projects that satisfy market demands and exceed customer expectations. We also look forward to launching various major projects that will further reflect the prominent image of Alfardan Properties in the Qatari market.

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