News: Qatar National Convention Centre set to host one of the largest conferences in the world

Doha, 8 November: With less than three weeks to go, the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) has intensified its preparations to take centre stage and host Qatar’s largest conference to date – the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change 2012 (COP18/CMP8). The event which will take place from 26 November to 7 December is expected [...]

News: Entrepreneurs Organisation Qatar, appoints new president

Doha, 7 November: The Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) Qatar chapter has announced the appointment of Mohamed Jaidah as President to EO Qatar for the 2012-2013 year, under the international Entrepreneurs Organisation. The organisation brings together some of the most influential and socially aware entrepreneurs in Qatar, in an attempt to help their members learn and grow [...]

Interview: Khalid Al Jaber, A serial entrepreneur

As CEO of Innovation Group, Khalid Al Jaber is a 35-year-old Qatari who is involved in all four of his company’s divisions, in the information technology sector and filmmaking, as well model building for the construction, real estate and oil and gas industries, through the German-based Innovation GmbH. Al Jaber is also executive director of [...]

Virtualising Qatar’s Businesses

The virtualisation of business organisations and the challenges in the networking and data management industry TheEDGE spoke exclusively with Nimer Ghazal, country manager for Brocade Qatar about the virtualisation of business functions, the move to cloud based applications and the challenges for companies in managing their data in a time of information explosion. What is [...]

Qatar’s atomic future

Nuclear energy analyst provides evidence of Qatar’s atomic power ambitions by Jamie Stewart Evidence has emerged that the Qatar Ministry of Energy and Industry is moving forwards with its programme to develop nuclear power in the country. State-owned energy giant Qatar Petroleum is seeking to employ a senior nuclear energy analyst, with responsibilities including playing [...]

Is Management Ideology the last bastion of American hegemony?

Here is a tricky question: How many living management gurus did not learn their trade in North America? The London Business Schoolís Julian Birkinshaw, who has presented this condundrum to many of his esteemed international colleagues, writes that it is not easy to come up with a list of top experts who are not American, [...]

News: New NGO launched to enhance research and sustainability in Qatar

Doha, 25 October: As part of Qatar’s investment and long-term commitment to the environment, the Qatar Sustainability Network (QSN) was officially launched in Doha yesterday. At the launch, Nadia Aboul Hosn interim board member at QSN outlined the mandate as a network to cultivate a culture of research, science, and sustainability through active engagement of civil [...]

Vol 4 Issue 10 Oct 2012

This month’s cover story in about one of Qatar’s more contentious investments, The Shard, a skyscraper that sits on the bank of the river Thames in central London. We take a look at the differing sentiments it has generated from Londoners and Qatar’s role in the project. In this issue we also look at the [...]

RecentArticles: Qatar

Are robots the future of healthcare?

In a utopian science fiction future, human beings are a blend of man and machine that will not require the delicate care our bodies do today. While that might be a far ways away, some of the healthcare problems facing humans are solved today by machines that function like humans. Shehan Mashood talks to surgeon [...]

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Qatar Impact: The 2012 US election and the Arab world

With only a short time left until the 2012 US presidential election, Al Jazeera English news anchor Kamahl Santamaria looks at how it might impact this part of the world. Four years ago I remember being at work, on-air in the middle of the night, watching Barack Obama win the 2008 United States (US) presidential [...]

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Is the Qatari backed Shard an Icon or an Eyesore?

As Qatar’s investments have grown larger, so has the controversy surrounding some of its actions. And with its largest investment to date - at least in reputational terms - Doha must once again tread a fine line between diversifying wealth and maintaining relations. Jamie Stewart reports In early July, on the south bank of the river [...]

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Qatar’s Impending Rail Revolution

In coming years Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are entering a golden age of railway development that will change the face of the region. The work will be tough, the timetable demanding, but the result should put local businesses – with Doha weeks from a QR30 billion multi-contract announcement – on the right [...]

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Fostering Qatar’s art industry

Katara Cultural Village is home to many of Qatar’s artistic and cultural organisations, such as the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Doha Tribeca International Film Festival. The village was created to help position Qatar as an international cultural lighthouse through theatre, literature, art, music, conventions and exhibitions. Erika Widén reports on the Visual Art Center’s [...]

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Qatar Impact: The Business of Childcare

With childcare practices in Qatar in the spotlight, Kamahl Santamaria asks if the care of our children is becoming too much of a business. As I wrote in Qatar Impact a few months ago, the Villaggio fire made us think about a lot of things. The obvious one was fire preparedness, and how safe our homes [...]

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Qatar’s assertive sovereign wealth fund

The Qatar Investment Authority continues to rank among the most active sovereign wealth funds, with assets spread across the world. But could the flow of income also soon be invested a little closer to home? Jamie Stewart investigates. “The [Qatari] government is expected to continue to accumulate external assets with fiscal surpluses invested abroad through [...]

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Ready for take off, New Doha International Airport

The New Doha International Airport, with construction investment of more than QR64 billion, is set to open its doors by the second half of 2013. Martin Rivers examines Doha’s vision to become the busiest transit hub in the world once the airport is completed in 2015 - and the country’s high demand for the deluxe [...]

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Is Qatar risking a property bubble?

With major investments and billions of dollar washing around the country, as well as highly publicised recent public sector salary rises, prices in Qatar are expected to increase both in property and consumer goods. Simon Watkins investigates whether, as some feel, Doha is on the verge of a rise in inflation that could see the [...]

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Qatar Impact: Too much of a bad thing - Eating Healthy

While in search of a healthy lunch option, Kamahl Santamaria considers Qatar’s obesity and diabetes epidemic, and asks what business can do to help. My intention this month was to write a column about Qatar, its malls and businesses, and the effect they are having on the country’s obesity and diabetes problem – particularly over [...]

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