News: Qatar University President highlights region’s challenges on food security

Doha, November 14 - Five hundred (500) delegates from around the world were welcomed by Qatar University (QU) President Prof Sheikha Abdulla Al Misnad to the international Food Security in Dry Lands (FSDL) conference which was hosted by QU on November 14-15. Delegates included ambassadors, ministers, government officials, policy-makers, development experts, scholars, researchers and representatives from [...]

Qatar’s banks challenge to compete globally

Qatar’s banking sector continues to maintain its progression due to the banking’s government dependence-related business and its domestic economy. However, Simon Watkins writes that Qatar arguably has a long way to go before it can compete globally. According to a report issued by the Qatar National Bank (QNB) at the end of September, pretty much [...]

An entrepreneurial Arab generation

How Qatar’s Silatech is helping an entrepreneurial generation of young Arabs achieve their business dreams across the Middle East and North Africa 26-year old Bashir worked in a nut shop in Sana’a, Yemen, but dreamed of opening a small business of his own. A Youth Fund loan from Silatech partner Al Amal Microfinance Bank allowed [...]

Local entrepreneurs talk small business sense

Entrepreneurs Al Ansari and Al Jaidah offer a dose of realism regarding Qatar’s often-hyped small and medium enterprise sector. With international ambitions, Techno Q has recently begun its first external project in Oman, and executive director Abdulla Al Ansari would like to see more Qatari companies develop outside of Qatar’s borders. “It makes you feel [...]

NEWS: Sports business congress and exhibition kicks off in Qatar

Doha, 12 November: ASPIRE4SPORT 2012, the Middle East’s leading sports business congress and exhibition, kicks off at Aspire Dome, Doha, with an inauguration led by senior officials, following the first of many all-star panels. The Congress and Expo will kick off with ASPIRE MED, the first of the three conferences including ASPIRE TECH AND ASPIRE [...]

News: Global Entrepreneurship Weeks kicks off in Qatar with Silatech and Bedaya

Doha, 12 November: Silatech and the Bedaya Center are offering a full slate of youth-oriented activities and workshops as part of the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a worldwide initiative that celebrates the innovators and job creators who launch startup businesses and drive economic growth. An event that takes places around the world between November 12-18, [...]

Vol 4 Issue 11 Nov 2012

In the latest issue of TheEDGE our cover story is the United Nations COP 18 summit on climate that is being held in Qatar this month. Mark van Dijk asks whether the summit will be able to build on the successes of the previous one held in South Africa last year. TheEDGE also spoke with [...]

News: Qatar National Broadband Network scoops innovation award

Doha, 12 November: The Qatar National Broadband Network (Qnbn) recently picked up a top UK (United Kingdom) award at the London Stock Exchange, the World Finance Award for Best innovation, Middle East 2012.  The Award is annually bestowed on technology companies that demonstrate outstanding innovation and being ahead of the curve in the industry with the [...]

RecentArticles: Qatar impact

Qatar Impact: The 2012 US election and the Arab world

With only a short time left until the 2012 US presidential election, Al Jazeera English news anchor Kamahl Santamaria looks at how it might impact this part of the world. Four years ago I remember being at work, on-air in the middle of the night, watching Barack Obama win the 2008 United States (US) presidential [...]

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Qatar Impact: The Business of Childcare

With childcare practices in Qatar in the spotlight, Kamahl Santamaria asks if the care of our children is becoming too much of a business. As I wrote in Qatar Impact a few months ago, the Villaggio fire made us think about a lot of things. The obvious one was fire preparedness, and how safe our homes [...]

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Qatar Impact: Too much of a bad thing - Eating Healthy

While in search of a healthy lunch option, Kamahl Santamaria considers Qatar’s obesity and diabetes epidemic, and asks what business can do to help. My intention this month was to write a column about Qatar, its malls and businesses, and the effect they are having on the country’s obesity and diabetes problem – particularly over [...]

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Qatar Impact: Does Doha have too many hotels?

The World Cup is coming to Qatar in 2022, and the country needs a lot of hotel space to cope with the influx of people. But what happens with all those spare beds in the meantime, and after the big event? Kamahl Santamaria investigates. I have always been fascinated by the way hotels are such [...]

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Is Qatar Environmentally Aware?

Pollution, recycling, emissions – they are all environmental buzzwords for our conscience. Kamahl Santamaria considers if those words are really being turned into action in Qatar. I remember being told years ago about the ‘paperless office’: how in the future everything would be electronically delivered, streamlined, and environmentally friendly wrapped in the bargain. Well, the [...]

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Family Business: Three generations of ‘Alfardan’

‘Alfardan’ is a name synonymous with business in Qatar. Kamahl Santamaria met three generations of the family, and found the original pearl and jewel business is still very much at the heart of their billion dollar empire. With the huge amounts of cash splashing around Doha these days it would be easy to assume that [...]

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Qatar Impact: High Rates Slow Connections

Access to the Internet and mobile communications are perhaps the most important business tools we have. TheEDGE columnist Kamahl Santamaria asks if residents of Qatar are being asked to pay too much for them. As an avid Twitter user, I have noticed something appearing more regularly in my tweet stream recently – the hash tag #QtelFail. It [...]

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Qatar Impact: Qatar, Your 51 Percent Partner

Business is booming in Qatar, but Doha-based news anchor Kamahl Santamaria wonders if the 51 percent ownership law could actually be holding the country back. Everyone’s looking for a gap in the market ahead of the World Cup in 2022, or dare I say the Olympic Games in 2020 if Doha’s bid finds some traction. [...]

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Qatar Impact: From Doha to Benghazi

When the ‘Arab Spring’ as it has become known, began blooming in early 2011, asks Doha-based news anchor Kamahl Santamaria, who would have thought Qatar would be playing a leading role on the military, political and economic front?Of course the country’s made no secret of its desire to be an influential Middle East, if not [...]

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