Vol 4 Issue 11 Nov 2012

In the latest issue of TheEDGE our cover story is the United Nations COP 18 summit on climate that is being held in Qatar this month. Mark van Dijk asks whether the summit will be able to build on the successes of the previous one held in South Africa last year. TheEDGE also spoke with successfull entrepreneurs Abdulla Al Ansari and Zeyad Al Jaidah about the realities of the startup and SMEs sector in Qatar.

Following the environmental theme is our interview with Dr. Rabi Mohtar head of QEERI, in its role of promoting a sustainable future for Qatar and we also take a look at Qatar’s eco-friendly Lusail City and its technology of the future.
Elsewhere, in Part 2 of our ongoing series on terrible customer service in Qatar, we used social media as a tool to gather real stories from readers. We also take a look at Indian ingenuity and the country’s potential as a future management hub, in an exclusive interview we spoke with Lord Hastings the global head of citizenship at KPMG about the role organisations should play in alleviating global problems.
In addition, this month our issue comes with a supplement on the environment. TheEDGE takes a look at the different ventures set up in Qatar to tackle issues relating to the environment.


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