VOL 4 ISSUE 12 Dec 2012

In this month’s cover story of TheEDGE we speak with Salam International CEO, Issa Abu Issa about the company’s rise from humble beginnings to the multi-billion Riyal organisation it is today. We also take a look at public health and safety standards in Qatar, and ask if we really are safer post-Villaggio. In an exclusive we spoke with Carl Atallah, president of Chevron Qatar about the recently launched US$ 20 million Solar Test Facility that hopes to make Qatar a future hub for solar energy technology.

TheEDGE also takes a look at the various challenges in funding growth in the SME sector. We also ask if Africa is ripe for investment from the GCC, or are there still issues that need to be resolved. In this issue we also take a look at how de-mergers come about, and how applying uncommon sense could be the key to your organisation’s success.
Elsewhere, we take a look at tax policies and the role of credit ratings agencies, and their affect on the financial sector in Qatar.


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